December 30th 2020

Today I dressed up like an arctic explorer on a North Pole expedition to go for a run. Seriously, I’ve put fewer layers on a lasagne than the amount that covered my torso today.

I wore gloves. I wore a snood. I wore a hat. I wore leggings underneath my shorts.

I’ve only just realised that because all of the clothes I was wearing were black, I must’ve kind of looked like a burglar running away from the scene of a crime. I wouldn’t have looked like a very good burglar, however, because I was empty handed.

It was like 5pm (which contributed to the cold), so it was dark out too. All the people of the streets of Cheltenham would’ve seen was a darkly donned dude dashing through the tired town.

I’m sure it was a good look.

Until tomorrow, if it snows and I can’t run I’m going to be pissed.


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