January 1st 2021 Today is usually the day that I write a blog reflecting on the last year. I’m kind of too tired to do it properly though. I actually had a really good New Year’s Eve at my sister’s house, but recovering has been a struggle today. And so, this recap is probably going to be briefer than it often is. I didn’t really set any goals or objectives for 2020, and I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the year that the whole world ended up having, but in spite of all that covid business, I actually had … Continue reading Reflecting


December 31st 2020 Today was New Year’s Eve. It was a tier four New Year’s Eve that allows social bubbles and the like. That’s where I was. I think it’s fine but I was at my sisters. I’m reasonably sure that’s allowed. It’s sometimes hard to tell. I was alone but not alone for new years. And that’s all I care about. Until tomorrow, it’s hard to tell. Jacn Continue reading Bubbles