January 3rd 2021 Today, forgive me for the fact that for the next month or so I’m going to inevitably put the wrong year in the date at the start of each of these blogs. As much as we may like to, 2020 will be hard to forget, and it’s also really easy to type, so it’s slipped out on both of the previous posts so far this year. I noticed this one in time, but there’ll be others. I take care to point this out, because I doubt many people will want to relive 2020, so it’s important to … Continue reading Soon


January 2nd 2021 Today I’m worried that the snow is going to break my streak, or break my leg. Although I guess breaking my leg would break my streak too. I’ve run a 5k every single day for the last 244 days, but on my run today I was slip and sliding all over the place. It wasn’t super safe, but it had to be done. My thinking is that tomorrow I may have to run on the roads, though then you have to worry about cars breaking your legs too. I want to be able to keep running. I … Continue reading Slide