January 4th 2021

Today we’re onto Lock Down 4: Lock Down or Die Hard. I think that’s what the third Die Hard was called, at least. It may potentially, in reality, be Lock Down 3, but I can’t remember what the third film was called. I assume there was a third one, or they wouldn’t’ve called the fourth one “4”.

I kind of didn’t realise the play on the ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ subtitle would’ve been as on-the-nose as it ended up being, so sorry for the morbidity. Although, perhaps a more apt description is “Live Free and Die Hard” because if you decide to Live Free right now, then… well yeah let’s not.

Honestly, this new lockdown doesn’t change my life dramatically. I’ll still work from home. I’ll still just walk over to the shop to do a big shop every 3 days. I’ll still get to go for my run every day. There are lives that will get worse than mine does. It’s the teachers, the parents, the doctors, the nurses — the important people — that will struggle.

And it all seems pretty avoidable.

Maybe don’t come out of lockdown three weeks before Christmas? Maybe don’t spend all of August paying for people to go out to dinner together? Maybe don’t send the kids back to school for ONE day at the start of January, and allow them to mix and spread and return home to their families? Maybe don’t put London into Tier 4 because of the new strain and then let the entire fucking population get on to trains and dart across the country to spend Christmas giving the new strain to their Nans? Just a couple ideas. None of them original. None of them mine.

I’m not perfect in this. I’ve broken the rules. And sometimes even following the rules feels like breaking them. I don’t have the answers. I don’t even really want to be asking the questions. I’ll just carry on for a while, existing.

Until tomorrow, turns out the third Die Hard was called ‘With a Vengeance’.


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