January 6th 2021 Today I physically watched myself suppress my emotions. That’s like a really unhealthy habit to get into, because it’s probably better to actually feel the thing rather than just pretend it’s not there. It manifested itself in a nervous tick, and caused me to just repeatedly bounce the heel of my right foot against the dorsal of my left foot. I don’t know if ‘dorsal’ is the correct word, I didn’t put much effort into Googling it. For any football fans amongst you, think ‘laces’. Though I guess you don’t have to be a football fan to … Continue reading Laces


January 5th 2021 Today I had an epiphany while on my run. I’d spent my morning trying to find out a different way of approaching the work task, and when I was actively thinking like that, I struggled. When I was out on my run, though, with my head clear and distant, I figured out how to do it. It’s weird how that works. It happens to me quite a lot. When I thought I wanted to be a writer, my best ideas would always come when I was either running, driving, or showering — or at a time when … Continue reading Epiphany