January 8th 2021

Today I moved to Korea. Culinarily, at least. I’ve done Japan, I’ve done Vietnam, I’ve done Thailand, and now I’ve gone to Korea(n food).

It’s much like those other types, to be fair.

That is Gochujang Steak with pickled radishes, spinach, and jasmine rice.

It was good. Bit fancy. Very fresh. Mildly spicy.

Pickled stuff is new. Basically just add rice wine vinegar, sugar, salt, and chilli flakes. And then it adds freshness and flavour to otherwise unremarkable vegetables.

The steak is marinated in gochujang and mirin and gochugaru and sesame oil and garlic and ginger and sugar. You’re supposed to freeze the steak before you marinate it to make it easier to cut. So I did that.

Until tomorrow, in all, a solid trip to Korea.


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