January 11th 2021 Today I’m tired because last night I told myself I’d go to bed the next time I lost a chess game, but then I won like 12 in a row and suddenly it was 4am. I’m a bit obsessed. It’s probably not particularly healthy. My screen time is up, which is bad, but also it’s like not a terrible time sink like some things I’ve gotten addicted to in the past. It’s definitely better than Twitter. I went from 830 elo (my rating) to 990 in like 4 hours, which is pretty good, but when you first … Continue reading Elo


January 10th 2021 Today I actually won a quiz. Yeah, we’ve come full circle and are back on the ‘zoom quiz’ stage of lockdown. In the last lockdown, I lost a few in a row, and it’s probably 6 quizzes total since I last won. I was 17 points clear going into the last round, and let me tell you, I was still not confident. The last round of our quizzes is always a ‘name as much as you can’ round, where you’re given a subject and have 3 minutes to list as many answers as you can. For example, … Continue reading Counties