January 12th 2021

Today I think I need to start eating more flapjacks. People keep saying I look unwell because I’m skinny. And yes I’m skinny, because I run every day okay.

I eat well. I have three cooked meals a day. I just don’t eat much outside of those meals. That’s mostly because I don’t like to snack. Like four days ago I wrote a blog post about how I devoured an entire tub of celebrations in a couple days — and that’s only because it’s there.

So I don’t keep snacks or junk food in the flat, because they don’t last long if I do. And suddenly I’ve eaten a sleeve of Hob Nobs and I feel sick. Also, I’ve historically struggled with acne so I try to avoid eating too much sugar.

I do want some snacks though. My mum makes these ‘energy bars’, so I’ve got the recipe from her. It’s like honey and oats and nuts and dried fruit and seeds and stuff. A load of healthy goodness. I’m gonna make a load of those as like in-between meal snacks.

Maybe if I eat enough of them people will stop telling me I look skinny. Also, nuts and seeds and stuff is like ‘brain food’ or whatever, and I could do with some of that at the moment.

Until tomorrow, no I won’t eat a banana.


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