January 13th 2021

Today the Sky engineers came to fit my SkyQ box, except because of covid they weren’t allowed to enter my flat. And because of covid, they weren’t allowed to even enter the building.

So when they got here they said “we could coach you through the setup process and you install it yourself” but I feel like that kind of defeats the object of paying £30 to have them come out and install it for me.

And so, I kind of just sent them away. It’s not their fault. It’s not really even Sky’s fault. I said that I was okay with them entering the building, but it’s Sky’s policy that they aren’t allowed to — and you can’t begrudge a company for taking lockdown seriously.

It just seems kind of pointless sending them out in the first place. And it’s definitely pointless charging me for an installation that’s impossible unless I do it myself.

They said that if we go back into Tier 4, they can come and install it, so that’s something to look forward to about tier 4, I guess!

Until tomorrow, no Sky for me for a while then.


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