January 24th 2021 Today the universe was determined to stop me going for a run. It covered the world in snow and then hid my flat key. Both of those things were issues that could only be solved by time. Just don’t go at 10am – because then you give the world time to melt, and yourself time to find your house key. And so I ran. And I didn’t slip on the ice and break my neck. And so we can mark that down as a success. Until tomorrow, please melt. Jacn Continue reading Melt


January 23rd 2021 Today I’ve developed a weird phobia/aversion to standing on my kitchen floor while wearing socks. That’s a weird sentence to open a blog with. It’s also kind of just a weird sentence in general, but it is a thing that is freaking me out at the moment. My kitchen floor is tiled, and those tiles get very cold. And standing on those cold tiles in just socks sends a shiver through my body. And so I’ve begun to start wearing trainers while I cook. My other weirdly specific phobia is to the sound freezers make when you … Continue reading Slippers