January 23rd 2021

Today I’ve developed a weird phobia/aversion to standing on my kitchen floor while wearing socks. That’s a weird sentence to open a blog with. It’s also kind of just a weird sentence in general, but it is a thing that is freaking me out at the moment.

My kitchen floor is tiled, and those tiles get very cold. And standing on those cold tiles in just socks sends a shiver through my body. And so I’ve begun to start wearing trainers while I cook.

My other weirdly specific phobia is to the sound freezers make when you open them. Even thinking about that sound makes me cringe. This new phobia is somewhat related, but equally as daft.

Also, this one is completely avoidable. Just get slippers, James. Or just turn the heating on. It’s manageable in a way that “not using a freezer because you don’t like the sound it makes when you open it” is just not.

I can’t decide to stop using my kitchen floor though. It’s like… a necessary part of my kitchen and without it I’d struggle to cook anything.

Until tomorrow, I need some slippers.


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