January 30th 2021

Today I was accidentally vegetarian for the day. I somehow managed to not eat meat for the whole day, which is super unlike me.

Instead, I basically just ate eggs. So many eggs. Five eggs, actually. I ended up having eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s not like I planned that, it’s just kind of how it happened.

I always have a ham, egg, rocket and cream cheese bagel for breakfast. I make that every day, except today I was out of ham. So it was the vegetarian version of that instead.

I was basically out of food after that point, and I intended to go do a food shop, but the rain was so heavy that I didn’t really want to leave the flat to walk to the shop, so I just made do with what I had.

For lunch, a wrap with chilli jam, cheddar cheese, and more eggs. It’s not a terrible lunch, it’s just two more eggs two hours after having two eggs.

For dinner, a Japanese rice bowl with, you guessed it, an egg. This is my cheat dinner that I make every now and then when I can’t be bothered to cook properly. It’s actually pretty tasty, and is reasonably healthy:

Featuring an egg.

If you’re keeping count (which you shouldn’t need to because I literally told you it was going to be five) we’re now up to five eggs.

That’s a bit much. Again, I’m not particularly ashamed of any of those meals by the self, it’s just when you reflect on the day as a whole it’s, well, it’s a lot of eggs.

Until tomorrow, and not single a bit of meat.


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