February 28th 2021 Today life is just better when the suns out. I walked to my local go-to coffee place this morning to get a coffee (duh), and life was just better. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I can’t hear or write that phrase without thinking back to a time in, potentially, Kissimmee Florida, when I was, potentially, eight, and stood on the hotel balcony with my Mum. “There’s not a cloud in the sky!” she said. “Yes there is, there’s one over there!” I corrected, ever the pedant. I’m sure my parents will not be pleased to … Continue reading Kissimmee


February 27th 2021 Today, for my 300th consecutive day of running 5k, I ditched the fleece because the sun came out. For like the last 100 of those 300 days, I’ve been layered up and protected from the cold. It’s been very cold. I’ve had fleece, thermal, hat, gloves, leggings, the lot. I’ve ran in the snow and froze my nipples off. But today the sun is out, and the fleece is off. No hat, either. I mean, it wasn’t warm, and I was still wearing long sleeves with my hands tucked inside to keep my thumbs warm. But it’s … Continue reading Fleece


February 26th 2021 Today, don’t you think the world has had enough weirdness for a while? Apparently not. After a year’s lockdown and a global pandemic, there’s now an ominous beam of light being projected onto earth from the sky. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be an alien laser attempting to blow earth up, or melt it. Nothing would surprise me anymore. It seems to have come from nowhere. No warning. No announcement. I just woke up this morning and there was this light in the sky. It makes me think of the light on the … Continue reading Light


February 25th 2021 Today I attempted to avoid unnecessary negativity. Mostly in the context of how I watch football. For starters, I muted the TV. Whenever I watch football — which I find myself doing a lot at the moment — I inevitably get annoyed by the stupid things that commentators say. I’m looking at you, Keown. A lot of the time I react to the things they say, because they’re so dumb that they force a reaction. And it’s always full of agenda or bias and rarely on fact or nuance. And so I’ve just stopped listening. I listened … Continue reading Keown


February 24th 2021 Today I basically just worked until 10pm because I didn’t really want to do anything else. I didn’t like the idea of going from work to my phone to bed, so I avoided being on my phone and just went from work to bed. Somehow, I was actually more productive at work ‘after work’ than I was at work ‘during work’. I just put music on and drowned the world out and there were no notifications to distract me. I had a fairly large, but mostly mind numbing task I had to do that basically just involved … Continue reading Numbing


February 23rd 2021 Today I’m back in shorts. It’s officially summer, bitches. Did the sun come out for like 20 minutes and make me a bit too excited? Maybe. Am I getting ahead of myself and planning my summer holidays because Boris has said lockdown is over in June? Perhaps. Am I only wearing shorts because the jogging bottoms I’ve been wearing every day for the past 3 months have become so dirty I literally cannot stand to wear them anymore? Yes. Seriously, I can’t remember what it’s like to wear jeans. Since I bought those joggers, I’ve rarely been … Continue reading Joggers


February 22nd 2021 Today I’ve started reading again. Mostly, I just want to live in someone else’s world for a little bit. This world isn’t ideal right now, so I’ve headed for fiction as escapism. Right now I’m in the world of Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle. I remember just before Christmas I bought myself a load of new books from a cozy used books store I found in my town, and then I never finished reading any of them because I got low-key kinda obsessed with playing chess. Oops. But for today, fiction. Vonnegut’s books are always slightly silly and surreal, … Continue reading Fiction


February 20th 2021 Today I heard a good phrase: ‘A cloud of stupor’ The way it was used goes to describe a feeling of things kind of just happening to you, without any real active engagement on your part. You arent really participating, you’re just kind of existing. In that context it was used to describe a period of grief, but I think it’s just overall relevant right now. It’s just like an unconscious stupor. To quote some parts straight from the dictionary: stupor describes an ‘absence of spontaneous movement’ and ‘greatly diminished responsiveness to stimulation’. Fam, same. It feels … Continue reading Stupor


February 19th 2021 Today apparently I now like Disaranno. if I’m going to drink it I should probably learn how to spell it. I had some here from a cheesecake I made, and I needed a drink so I had a bottle of didaronao. Oops. Oops for the bottle and oops for the spelling. It’s awfully sweet so I’m not going to think about how many calories it is. Until tomorrow, good though. Jacn Continue reading Disaronno