February 1st 2021

Today, four things. Maybe five. Let’s see how far we get:

1) I am completely incapable of making flapjacks without accidentally making granola. It happened again. I followed my Mum’s flapjack recipe (mentally, tbh) but still ended up with this flaky pile of crumbs:

In attempting to make flapjacks, I’ve somehow invented a new cereal. I may as well just fill that box with milk and eat it all with a spoon.

2) After filling that box with milk and eating it with a spoon, I must have got a bit of a sugar high from the honey and cacao beans, because I was searching to find weighing scales to combat my issue with just flinging in an eyeballed appropriate amount of ingredients into my flapjack mixture (and breathe), and I absolutely lost my shit that Amazon has put “Arrives before Valentine’s Day” below their listing for kitchen scales:

I’m still fucking laughing now. Like, imagine. “Happy Valentine’s Day honey, here’s some kitchen scales” hahaha I’m done. No wait I’m still giggling. Okay now I’m done.

3) I found myself super relieved that I no longer drink during the week, because if I’d’ve had a couple bevs tonight I definitely would’ve replied to an email from my CEO and told him to stop being dense. That would’ve gone about as well as my flapjacks, I’m sure.

4) I can’t even remember the fourth thing now, let alone the fifth. So I lied to you. There were only three things.

Until tomorrow, order now in time for Valentine’s Day.


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