February 2nd 2021

Today I feel like I said fuck a lot. My Dad doesn’t like it when I swear in my blogs, so sorry Dad, maybe give this one a miss. Or just pretend I’m saying something else.

I’m just so fucking frustrated. Everyone in our team at work feels undervalued, under appreciated, demotivated, and powerless. I don’t feel bad speaking for everyone, because we’ve been speaking about it a lot recently.

We’ve been having the same fucking conversations for months, and nothing fucking changes. We have to sit around and let everyone else play catch-up and get to the point where they’re like “huh, somethings not right” and by that point it’s too fucking late to do anything about it.

And so we just scramble around, making stupid, short term decisions instead of addressing the problem and redirecting our efforts. Fucking gamble. Pivot. Do fucking something. At the very least, just fucking trust us.

And we just feel shit. Sorry, Dad. We’re fed up of the scrutiny, and the criticism, and the lack of trust or understanding, and the constant feeling of failure.

Does the coward bow out? Or sit around and accept being made to feel like that. I’m unsure.

Until tomorrow, fuck it.


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