February 7th 2021 Today I realised that my ‘Fuck it, it’s not worth the stress’ contingency plan of quitting my job to work in a coffee shop isn’t even possible during a pandemic. I’ve always prioritised my happiness, and have long known that I would be fully happy just making coffee and serving sandwiches in a coffee shop somewhere far away. It could be Barcelona or Queenstown or Edinburgh or Brighton. I’d still be happy, I just wouldn’t have as much money. I also wouldn’t have as much stress. But that’s not even possible right now. Technically coffee shops are … Continue reading Contingency


February 6th 2021 Today was not a particularly healthy evening. Delivery pizza and a crate of Corona. Any pizza made by a man called ‘Fat Toni’ is not exactly going to be slimming world safe. Good though. Dante’s inferno level 4. There were only levels 1 and 4 available, so whatever is happening on 2 and 3 is a mystery to me. Corona was a poor choice. It goes down easy enough and it’s weak as anything so you have a few, and eventually just get bloated on liquid. And bloated on pizza too, maybe. Until tomorrow, I’ll run it … Continue reading Dante