February 7th 2021

Today I realised that my ‘Fuck it, it’s not worth the stress’ contingency plan of quitting my job to work in a coffee shop isn’t even possible during a pandemic.

I’ve always prioritised my happiness, and have long known that I would be fully happy just making coffee and serving sandwiches in a coffee shop somewhere far away. It could be Barcelona or Queenstown or Edinburgh or Brighton. I’d still be happy, I just wouldn’t have as much money. I also wouldn’t have as much stress.

But that’s not even possible right now. Technically coffee shops are open in Queenstown, because New Zealand has literally zero active coronavirus cases, I just don’t think I’d be allowed to fly there.

I make really good coffee. I did enjoy the time before, during, and after Uni where I waited tables for a living. I probably had more disposable income back then too, because I didn’t have to pay rent or insurance or my car finance.

I’ve always thought I could do it. And I know that if I ever wanted to say ‘Fuck it’, that would always be my option. Travel somewhere new, make coffee, make it work, and then figure out what I’m doing with my life.

Right now, all I can really do is make coffee.

Until tomorrow, everything else will have to wait.


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