February 11th 2021

Today we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming here on with another edition of “what I had for dinner”

This is the content you all keep coming back for. This is what keeps you tuning in. This is why there’s been 118 different people reading this blog in the last month. It’s content like “what I had for dinner” that keeps you hooked.

Okay I’ll stop teasing it. I had a carne asada steak quesadilla. It looked like this:

Also, I’ve potentially found a red wine that I don’t hate to drink. It seemed an appropriate pairing with my steak, and I’m no sommelier, but this particular bottle falls into my favourite category of wine: “£10 wine reduced to £8”

That way, it tastes like I’m drinking £10 wine, but feels like I’m drinking £8 wine. Everybody wins. Even tesco wins, because if they hadn’t reduced the £10 wine to an £8 wine, then I probably would’ve bought a £7 wine. You sneaky fucks that’s why you did it, isn’t it? I’m onto you.

And that concludes this special edition of “what I had for dinner”, which on this occasion included a brief crossover episode with “what wine I now find acceptable”

Until tomorrow, until next time.


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