February 15th 2021

Today, yes, it’s Monday, but I don’t see why the day of the week should in anyway inhibit your ability to eat steak. And so that’s what I did. I had Monday night steak.

I get why Friday night steak is a thing. I get why Saturday night steak is a thing. But why shouldn’t you be able to spend ten full pounds on a fillet steak on a Monday night? Why should you only allow yourself that enjoyment on certain days of the week?

If I want to be happy today, why shouldn’t I be?

Like, I even went to the meat counter in Waitrose for the steak. I even asked a butcher for his advice. Because if you’re going to have Monday night steak then you may as well do it properly. And I definitely think that this counts as properly:

Isn’t that just a beautiful thing? Doesn’t the sight of that just make you happy?

Until tomorrow, what a start to the week.


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