February 17th 2021 Today I’m proud of myself for absolutely smashing a presentation that I was completely unprepared for and mostly unqualified to give. My boss did that thing she does where she — to mix my metaphors — throws you under the bus and expects you to swim. And it’s not like you’re ever really at risk of drowning, or of being run over, you just need to figure out for yourself that you do actually know how to swim and the bus is nowhere near you. Or something. Metaphors are tricky. There was this global ‘Deep Dive’ with … Continue reading Swam


February 16th 2021 Today my run was a chore. Breathing is hard because I’m a bit congested. It’s windy as fuck. It’s cold enough that I feel like I need to layer up, but not cold enough that the layers don’t come off after a mile. That was a poor sentence construction. I cba. There’s bound to be bad days. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now. It’s not always going to be easy. There’s going to be days where it seems not worth it. I’m just holding on to the thought of summer, and normality. Until tomorrow, … Continue reading Chore