February 17th 2021

Today I’m proud of myself for absolutely smashing a presentation that I was completely unprepared for and mostly unqualified to give.

My boss did that thing she does where she — to mix my metaphors — throws you under the bus and expects you to swim. And it’s not like you’re ever really at risk of drowning, or of being run over, you just need to figure out for yourself that you do actually know how to swim and the bus is nowhere near you. Or something. Metaphors are tricky.

There was this global ‘Deep Dive’ with some of the other brands in the group, and the expert that my boss would usually rely on about this topic was away today, so she asked me to do it. She also gave me like 14 hours notice and asked me when I was already 2 beers and 2 whiskies deep, so I had to set like 6 alarms to wake up at 8am this morning to actually do the preparation for the 9am meeting.

Honestly, it kind of doesn’t phase me anymore. There was a time in my life where the anxiety of that situation would have kept me awake at night. But I was fine — though maybe that was the whiskey.

The presentation was to a board member, the Chief Marketing Officer of the group, but that doesn’t bother me like it once would.

In a weird way, I think the fact that it was a virtual presentation over Google Hangouts helps. I’ve done those kind of things in person before and have always felt more nervous, and more self conscious. The virtual aspect helps. Thanks, Corona.

Anyway. I knocked it out of the fucking park. Like, speaking critically, my presentation wasn’t as detailed or designed as the ones the other brands gave, but I did have maybe 2 sober hours to prepare for something they’d all known about for weeks.

Until tomorrow, I swam.


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