February 21st 2021

Today I rewarded myself for doing like 30 mins of mortgage research by spending 20 bucks on a dirty takeaway.

Because it’s Sunday and I wanted some veg, I genuinely — albeit briefly — considered ordering a vegan falafel burger with cauliflower ‘chicken’ wings. Yes the chicken was in quotes on the menu too.

I thought about it, added it to my cart, and then ordered chicken wings instead of ‘chicken’ wings. Also there was no falafel in my burger. It was just beef.

On the side of all that, I read a 27 page advice guide from Martin ‘Money’ Lewis for first-time buyers. Most of the pages were things to worry about that aren’t worth worrying about. But there were seven useful bullet points which outlined the next steps.

For me, the first step was just reading the thing. The next step was ordering a takeaway as a reward for doing so.

Until tomorrow, the third step is screaming into the void.


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