February 23rd 2021

Today I’m back in shorts. It’s officially summer, bitches.

Did the sun come out for like 20 minutes and make me a bit too excited? Maybe.

Am I getting ahead of myself and planning my summer holidays because Boris has said lockdown is over in June? Perhaps.

Am I only wearing shorts because the jogging bottoms I’ve been wearing every day for the past 3 months have become so dirty I literally cannot stand to wear them anymore? Yes.

Seriously, I can’t remember what it’s like to wear jeans. Since I bought those joggers, I’ve rarely been out of them. There’s no reason to wear anything else, really. Which I guess explains the stains.

I do a movie club with some friends and we’re supposed to dress up for the occasion as an excuse to put some effort in. Today I just put on a jumper. I was still wearing my shorts. I did my hair, and for some reason I put on aftershave even though I was sat alone in my spare room.

It’s hard to tell what’s dressed up or dressed down anymore. Everything is just some form of jogging bottoms/hoody combination.

Until tomorrow, I don’t miss jeans I won’t lie.


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