February 27th 2021 Today, for my 300th consecutive day of running 5k, I ditched the fleece because the sun came out. For like the last 100 of those 300 days, I’ve been layered up and protected from the cold. It’s been very cold. I’ve had fleece, thermal, hat, gloves, leggings, the lot. I’ve ran in the snow and froze my nipples off. But today the sun is out, and the fleece is off. No hat, either. I mean, it wasn’t warm, and I was still wearing long sleeves with my hands tucked inside to keep my thumbs warm. But it’s … Continue reading Fleece


February 26th 2021 Today, don’t you think the world has had enough weirdness for a while? Apparently not. After a year’s lockdown and a global pandemic, there’s now an ominous beam of light being projected onto earth from the sky. It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out to be an alien laser attempting to blow earth up, or melt it. Nothing would surprise me anymore. It seems to have come from nowhere. No warning. No announcement. I just woke up this morning and there was this light in the sky. It makes me think of the light on the … Continue reading Light