February 27th 2021

Today, for my 300th consecutive day of running 5k, I ditched the fleece because the sun came out. For like the last 100 of those 300 days, I’ve been layered up and protected from the cold.

It’s been very cold.

I’ve had fleece, thermal, hat, gloves, leggings, the lot. I’ve ran in the snow and froze my nipples off. But today the sun is out, and the fleece is off. No hat, either.

I mean, it wasn’t warm, and I was still wearing long sleeves with my hands tucked inside to keep my thumbs warm. But it’s something. It’s a bit of bright, and a bit of warm, at the end of what’s been a cold and miserable winter. It’s, day I say it, looking awfully Springy out there.

What a beautiful day to ‘celebrate’ 300. 300 is just the next number in a series of insignificant milestones. I repeatedly call the milestones insignificant, but insist on bringing them up every time I reach one. Maybe that’s just a way of making me think that today is just another day. And tomorrow will just be another run.

Until tomorrow, except without the fleece this time.


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