March 2nd 2021

Today’s story is actually from last night, but I’d already done my blog for yesterday by the time it happened so please let me off.

If I allowed myself to use post titles longer than one word, today’s would be “Apparently even sleep is sponsored now”

So I’ve been struggling to sleep the past couple nights, and someone suggested a sleep podcast on Spotify. I figured it couldn’t hurt, so I asked my Google home to play me one of them as I tried to doze off.

Aside from the fact the dude sounded like he needed to sneeze, I mostly couldn’t deal with the fact that apparent even sleep is sponsored now.

I put the podcast on, and for the next 8 minutes the guy read an ad, in his sleep podcast voice, for some mattress company. And, like, I get that nobody does anything for free. And I get that that’s the business model for podcasts. But, like, even sleep isn’t safe?

I just wanted to hear the dude recite Edgar Allen Poe. Instead he did an ad read for Lisa Mattresses. It frustrated me so much that I didn’t even let him get to the poetry, and I turned on some soft piano music instead.

Until tomorrow, at least the piano music wasn’t sponsored.


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