March 7th 2021 Today I’ve been incapacitated by a hangnail. It’s on the side of my thumb and hurts a lot and has made it impossible for me to perform basic tasks today. I’ve basically devolved into a primordial ape without an opposable thumb on my right hand. Shopping was weird. Opening packages while cooking was difficult. I’ve just changed my bedsheets and it took me four times as long because I was avoiding using a thumb. Have you ever tried to get through a day avoiding using a thumb? It’s difficult. Thumbs are particularly useful — why do you … Continue reading Hangnail


March 6th 2021 Today I’m now apparently the kinda guy who takes cold showers. And not because of any health or prosperity reasons, but simply because I haven’t figured out how to use my new boiler. You know that Andy bloke I talked about yesterday that told me I needed to turn off my immersion heater to save money? I wish he was still about today to help me figure out how I’m supposed to have warm showers without leaving the immersion on for 5 months at a time. He did mention something about pressing the override button on the … Continue reading Override