March 8th 2021

Today I’ve remembered how to cook. And I actually enjoyed doing it for the first time in a while.

Maybe it’s one of the many mental side effects of lockdown, but recently I just cannot be arsed to cook. I also cannot be arsed to shop. I’m eating because I have to, not because I’m particularly excited to.

In early lockdown, having more time to experiment with new dishes was actually nice, but now, a year later, I’d gotten into a rut.

I didn’t do anything special today. I cooked a meal that I’ve cooked a hundred times before. I just did the little things today.

I used a nicer udon instead of an instant ramen. I let my near marinate in a mixing bowl for a half hour before cooking it. I pickled some carrots. I just did the extra bits. The bits I’ve not wanted to do.

I basically wrote this exact post a year ago, about doing those other little bits with food. I guess that’s what lockdown has done. I’ve gone through a cycle and now I’m repeating it.

Until tomorrow, I need to get out more.


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