March 12th 2021

Today I upgraded from pizza Fridays just a tad. I stuck with the Italian theme, but slightly upped the effort from “put this pizza in the oven for 12-15 minutes” to “cook a whole fucking chicken for 90 minutes”

I mean those things are both the same amount of effort in that you put a thing in an oven and it comes out the other end cooked, but it’s also not quite the same thing is it.

But wait! I said it was an Italian theme, and that’s clearly a roast chicken…

Yeah, well, this.

Chicken and truffle pappardelle with pecorino and wild mushrooms.

Effort, but worth it. In my experience it shouldn’t take 2 hours to make a bowl of pasta, but when it does, that’s what you get.

Until tomorrow, it was worth the wait.


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