March 14th 2021 Today I feel like I need to start wearing jeans again. I walked to go get coffee this afternoon, and I was wearing black joggers and a black hoody. I also had my hood up because it was cold. I looked like a youth. Like a thug. Like a hoodlum! All my outfit was missing was the tinny sounds of shitty grime music played through my phone’s speakers. (Side note: why do people do that?) On my walk I felt underdressed, but joggers and a hoody has been my go-to outfit for the last twelve months. Well, … Continue reading Hoody


March 13th 2021 Today I have new pillows and so I struggled not to just nap all day. I’ve not slept great for a few days, so I bought some new pillows in the hope that that would help. It did! But now I’ve just stayed in bed all day instead of, you know, not staying in bed all day. Until tomorrow, it’s comfy okay. Jacn Continue reading Pillows