March 14th 2021

Today I feel like I need to start wearing jeans again. I walked to go get coffee this afternoon, and I was wearing black joggers and a black hoody. I also had my hood up because it was cold. I looked like a youth. Like a thug. Like a hoodlum! All my outfit was missing was the tinny sounds of shitty grime music played through my phone’s speakers. (Side note: why do people do that?)

On my walk I felt underdressed, but joggers and a hoody has been my go-to outfit for the last twelve months. Well, when lockdown started I lived in shorts, but then the sun went away and I bought some joggers and I haven’t taken them off since.

I’m looking forward to a time where I can start to make an effort again. I don’t even currently own a pair of jeans. I threw my old ones away at some point. I’m going to need to buy some new ones, in the event I’m ever going to begin seeing The Outside People again.

Also, I think I need some colour. I’m contemplating buying an orange jumper that Instagram just advertised to me for the sole reason that it is not black. Although, I’ve just checked and they do also have a black version. Interesting.

There is a pink version I quite like, but if I wear pink to work again Ross will take the piss.

Until tomorrow, I’ve gone for the blue one.


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