March 21st 2021

Today I got randomly emotional at hearing an innocuous bit of information. I’m not entirely sure how, but I ended up watching a YouTube video about the landing of Perseverance — the latest rover to have been landed on Mars.

Even my phrasing there “the latest rover” is a bit mental, and that goes some way to describing what choked me up a bit. Specifically though, it was this line from the video:

“The first person to walk on Mars is alive on earth right now”

That is to say, that within this lifetime, maybe even within my lifetime, a human will walk on Mars.

And for some reason that got me feeling all proud.

It’s possible that I was just emotionally fragile because I was tired and hungover, but also it’s the pride thing.

Like, it was just nice to be reminded that, for the most part, humans are fricking awesome.

And sure, there’s a lot of bad things about us, and about these times, but there are also a lot of stupidly clever people out there doing stupidly clever things. Namely, landing another vehicle on another fricking planet.

I don’t know why I’ve chosen this as the blog in which I censor my swear words. Maybe it’s because the subject is fucking wholesome. Oh. Oops.

I don’t think I’m start enough to even begin to comprehend how difficult it was to land Perseverance on the surface of Mars, in exactly the place “we” wanted to. One comment I enjoyed explained it as being like throwing a dart at a world map but landing the dart specifically on your own home.

Except instead of a dart it’s a billion dollar science experiment and instead of a world map it’s another fricking planet. Oh also, you’re throwing the dart from thirty four million miles away.

Until tomorrow, sometimes humans are pretty awesome.


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