March 27th 2021 Today I bottled the jump again. I run the same 5k route around a local park every single day, and almost every single day I tell myself “I’m going to try the jump this time” For context, for those of you who are not inside of my head, in this park there’s a lake, and leading into that lake is a stream, and across that stream is a bridge. To the right, and I guess left, depending on your perspective, of that bridge is the stream. This bridge is a bottleneck for the people who are walking … Continue reading Jump


March 26th 2021 Today I was unbeaten at (official) chess club. Played three, lost zero. Absolute shagger. It was only technically two wins, because I drew against the highest ranked player out of the four of us, but I was one move away from mating him with 5 seconds on the clock, but I couldn’t find it in time, so I took perpetual check for the draw instead. Still, no losses in 3? I’ll take that. I’ve had a good chess week. I’ve climbed 200 rating points because I’m fucking obsessed man. Playing real people helps too. So does playing … Continue reading Unbeaten