March 27th 2021

Today I bottled the jump again. I run the same 5k route around a local park every single day, and almost every single day I tell myself “I’m going to try the jump this time”

For context, for those of you who are not inside of my head, in this park there’s a lake, and leading into that lake is a stream, and across that stream is a bridge. To the right, and I guess left, depending on your perspective, of that bridge is the stream.

This bridge is a bottleneck for the people who are walking around the park. It’s a little wooden thing, probably 7 feet across, but separates the two halves of the park. As such, it’s the point in the park where the footflow bunches.

When I’m running, I quite often have to stop and walk, or wait for people to cross the bridge before I can. And at that point I always think “I could jump that stream”

And I reckon I could. I really do. I’m springy as fuck.

Every time the traffic is heavy I think about jumping it, but then I think about missing the jump and falling into the stream or smashing into the bank and breaking my leg in front of all those people.

I also think about how baller it would look if I just flew over the stream and nailed the landing. And like, I do really back myself, but I also want to give it a practice run first when nobody’s about. Just in case.

I want to prove to myself that I can make the jump, but I only want to do that when the park is empty, but if the park is empty I have no reason to attempt the jump because I can just cross the bridge instead. You see my conundrum?

The park was busy today, so I bottled the jump. By the way, ‘bottled’ here means, like, chickened out. I don’t know if everyone will know that. It’s one of those English idioms that don’t make any sense when you attempt to think about what they mean.

And so, the bridge remains crossed, the stream remains unjumped, and I remain quietly confident that I could make it.

Until tomorrow, I just have to prove it to myself.


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