March 26th 2021

Today I was unbeaten at (official) chess club. Played three, lost zero. Absolute shagger.

It was only technically two wins, because I drew against the highest ranked player out of the four of us, but I was one move away from mating him with 5 seconds on the clock, but I couldn’t find it in time, so I took perpetual check for the draw instead.

Still, no losses in 3? I’ll take that. I’ve had a good chess week. I’ve climbed 200 rating points because I’m fucking obsessed man. Playing real people helps too. So does playing people who are better than you. Because it completely stops you doing stupid or risky things.

You know they’ll punish any mistake so you try harder not to make any. Yet when I’m playing online against a randomer, I’ll sac a knight to be fancy and it won’t pay off.

Yes, I really like chess club. I wish we could do it for longer, but everyone else has kids or partners, so it’s just me who has the time to play as much chess as three want on a Friday night.

I should mention that after official chess club, when there was just two of the four of us left, I did lose a game. So I didn’t go unbeaten throughout the whole thing, but my first game against all three people I did not lose.

Until tomorrow, I’ll take that.


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