March 29th 2021

Today I forgot that I wear glasses. I walked downstairs, went to get in my car, and then realised I couldn’t see anything.

I’ve worn my glasses so infrequently over the last year, that apparently I’ve forgotten that I need them to drive. I’ve also driven so infrequently over the past year that I’ve probably forgotten how to drive too. In which case, no glasses would make me even worse.

I don’t wear my glasses when I’m working at my desk. I dont wear them when I walk to the shop or to get a coffee. I don’t wear them when I’m watching Netflix in bed. I’ll only wear them if I’m watching something on the TV in the lounge.

And so I guess I’ve just forgotten. I got as far as almost sitting in the car before I realised something was wrong.

And I couldn’t be bothered to go and grab my glasses from upstairs, so I just drove off blind.

Until tomorrow, kidding.


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