March 30th 2021

Today I saw people. Real people! People I know! Well, one person I know.

I went for a walk with my friend Jim and his friend Alice.

The sun was out. I wore shorts. It was happy times.

It’s weird, I’m weirdly anxious about seeing people because I feel like I’ve forgotten how to socialise. I gave Alice an awkward wave goodbye because fuck knows what you’re supposed to do nowadays.

We walked around Cheltenham for an hour or so, getting completely lost, and then I lost, and then lost again.

It was nice. Seeing people is good. I should do it more. I’ve basically been completely avoiding everyone for the last year, which is probably not good. But also, like, you’ve just gotta get through it however you can right.

But now that it’s legal again I feel a bit less weird on that front, but I do still feel weird about the whole “how do I talk to people not through a webcam” thing.

Until tomorrow, do you wave or not?


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