March 31st 2021

Today I think my body wants me to stop running. Maybe it’s the change of weather, but the last few days breathing has been more of a struggle than I’d like.

My legs are mostly fine, but I’ve had to stop a couple times mid-run to, like, well it’s not to catch my breath, it’s just to… stop. I dunno.

I’d gotten to a point where I could run 5k without even really realising I’d done it, but I think I should probably take a break at some point.

I mean, I’m not going to, but I am at least acknowledging that I should.

Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you that I made the jump. You know a few days ago I wrote a blog about there being a stream in the park that I reckon I could jump over but have always been too chicken to try? Turns out I can jump it.

There was like a brief moment in mid air where I thought maybe I in fact could not jump it, but then I landed and it turned out I could. Shoutout Jim for forcing me to do it.

Until tomorrow, we go again.


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