April 2nd 2021

Today I slothed through the first of the four day weekend. That’s probably not a word but let’s go with it.

I was dreading this weekend, to be honest. I usually hate weekends because there’s nothing to do, and this is like two weekends back to back, so seemed doubly as depressing. But then… plans!

The world is semi-open. Groups of six can congregate outside. What a weird thing to be celebrating, if you take the context out of it. Anyway.

I’m meeting some friends to play football tomorrow, and then I’m going to see my family for the first time this year. Plans! People! Semi-normality! Eek!

I’ve been hermitted for too long now. I don’t know why I think putting -ed on the end of random words makes them into real words, but I guess there is precedent for that.

Until tomorrow, we’re almost through this.


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