April 5th 2021

Today, a few things:

1) People keep telling me I should stop running if it’s hurting my legs. Amateurs. I accidentally ran 7k today instead of my usual daily 5k because I didn’t turn Strava on at the start of my run, and so my legs did more than they’re used to. Haters will say that 7k is not 5k and that my streak is ruined, but haters are haters.

My parents say I should do six days with a rest day instead of 7 days a week, but six days with a rest day is lame. It’s a cop out. 7 days sounds cool. “Every day for a year” sounds cool. “Every day for 500 days” sounds cool. And that’s all that matters really isn’t it. Sounding cool.

2) my mum cut my hair. She actually did a surprisingly good job. My hair was at the length where something needed doing, and despite being usually precious about it, I figured there’s nothing she could really do to fuck it up that badly. And she didn’t. She actually made it look good.

3) I saw my grandparents too. I’m glad I popped in to see them on my way back from my parents’. Grandma and grandad have both had two vaccinations so I didn’t feel too bad about sitting down for a bit and chatting for the first time this year. It was a sign that we’re somewhere near normal. Not long now.

4) I’m back in my bed after two days away, and I’m falling asleep.

Until tomorrow, night.


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