April 8th 2021

Today I feel like I’m approaching a point where I’m going to have to start making decisions. And that’s like the worst thing. Just coasting through life avoiding all conflict and discomfort is much easier.

But, as I always say:

Comfort is danger, stasis is death.

And it’s not that I’m standing still, it’s just that I’ve not moved for a while. I’ve like, stopped to tie my shoes, but I’m doing a really thorough job of it. And then just for good measure I decide to untie them, stumble a little bit, and then tie them up again. And at some point I’m either going to have to tie them, or take them off and just run barefoot instead.

I don’t know where that metaphor went.

By July I’ll have been in a job three years longer than I’d planned. I don’t own a house yet. I don’t even live with the girl I’m in love with.

There have been a lot of good things happen to me in the last couple years, and I’m happy with the overall direction my life is heading in, I’m just not too fond of the pace. It’s quite stop/start.

Until tomorrow, I want to start moving again.


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