April 12th 2021

Today I have a question…

Do any of you play golf?

I’ve got some friends coming down next Sunday for a round of golf. Cheltenham happens to be equidistant between Bridgend, Llandod, and London, so I don’t actually have to travel at all. That’s good, but it also means that it’s on me to find the course for us. And so, for much of today I’ve been researching golf courses, and, well, now I want to join a golf club.

I want a new hobby, and I like golf. I’m even quite good at golf. I’d be even better if I played more. And so I’m considering joining a club. All three of the friends joining me next weekend have either recently joined, or are in the process of joining clubs. As described, though, they all live far away.

None of my friends who live near me have any interest in golf. Which means if I were to join a club, I’d have to join one alone until I made new golf friends.

I am not good at making friends. I am not good at meeting people. I’m also not good enough at golf for it to be a reason people want to be my friend. Tricky. Also, a golf membership is like £1000.

And so…

Until tomorrow, do any of you play golf?


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