April 16th 2021

Today I’ve potentially booked three rounds of golf next weekend. I’ve learnt that I have a bunch of holiday days to use up by the end of May, so I may just take days off to play golf. I’m genuinely considering playing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I’m going to meet the Uni boys for a round Sunday, and maybe one other on Saturday, and then Friday I might take the day off and have a round by myself.

There’s a local course I’m thinking about joining, and they offer you a free round if you enquire and show you’re interested. So I might give that a go. Even if I turn out not to be interested, I’ve got a free round out of it.

Are there more important things to be spending my money on than a £600 golf membership? Perhaps. Do I actually want to spend my money on those important things? Course not. I wanna play golf.

Until tomorrow, and so that’s what I’ll probably do.


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