April 20th 2021

Today I realised I haven’t been drinking any water recently. I have this water jug in the fridge, and when I got thirsty earlier, I took it out to refill it and in doing so realised it had probably been 2 weeks since I’d filled it up.

I guess mostly I’ve just been drinking coffee and booze. That doesn’t sound healthy.

Also, I’ve regressed slightly and I now just get straight into bed to watch Netflix after work instead of going to the sofa to watch Netflix after work like I’d gotten into the habit of doing. That’s also not healthy.

I really should change both of those things.

I think lying down too much has made my back hurt, too. I think that’s a thing. Because it now hurts to lie down, which isn’t ideal.

More water. More upright. Less sad. Less screens. Maybe.

Fuck it.

Until tomorrow, I dunno.


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