April 21st 2021

Today I was back in the office for what was potentially the first time this year. It’s kind of hard to remember how long this particular lockdown has lasted. I think the last time I went to the office was August. It may have been December. Also possible: January.

Who knows.


It was a ghost town. It was also a caricature of itself. Our desks are now literally cubicles like we’re in a call centre sitcom. Has there been a call centre sitcom? Surely there was. They make one of those out of anything now.

Sitting at my desk, I couldn’t see the door to the office. The big blue screen was in the way.

All that being said, I was glad I went in. Even though I can’t use the microwave. Even though the good coffee machine is off limits so I have to either buy some or use a shitty bean-to-cup machine. Even though I had to do my run at 6pm when I got home because we aren’t allowed to use the showers.

Some people will have to be dragged back to the office screaming. Some will have to be transported via JCB. Some just won’t come back. Me? I can’t wait. I jumped at the opportunity to do so today, and I probably will again tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, I have got used to not having a commute though mind.


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