April 22nd 2021

Today I accidentally bought a new pair of running shoes. I went into the office again today, and apparently I’d agreed to go for a run with my boss because she had all her kit with her. I don’t remember saying yes, but I also wasn’t gonna say no.

My issue is that I didn’t have any kit with me. Given a few minutes to think about it, I figured that I could just wear the trainers I’d worn into the office. They’re not technically running shoes, but they’d work. Also, I could just grab one of the spare company-branded t-shirts we keep lying around the office. So really the only thing I’d need was a pair of shorts. At lunch I walked over to the Nike shop.

Sidenote: it was the first shop I’ve been into this year that wasn’t Tesco or Waitrose. It was weird.

I only needed a pair of shorts, but I accidentally bought a pair of running shoes. To be fair, in the last year I’ve literally ran a thousand miles in my current pair of shoes, so it was about time I got a new pair.

The issue was, I found a pair that I really liked but they only had them in an 8.5 or a 9.5, and in Nike shoes I’m a 9. So rather than finding a different pair that would actually fit, I just bought the bigger pair. I figured I’m probably beyond the age where I can buy shoes that I’ll “grow in to”. My feet aren’t getting any bigger at 27.

And so I ended up with shoes and shorts. I stopped short of spending £30 on a new tshirt while I was there, though.

As it turned out, when I got back to the office, we had a pretty manic afternoon and didn’t end up going for a run. Classic.

I did, though, run when I got home and, well, yeah… They’re too big for me.

Until tomorrow, I should have bought an extra pair of socks while I was there too.


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