April 27th 2021

Today I considered putting a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream into my bowl of porridge. I didn’t do it, but now that I’m discussing it here, I kind of wish I had. Like, I know it’s not a thing, but I’m really struggling to picture why it couldn’t be a thing. Like… it could, right?

Oats? Good. Milk? Good. Ice cream? Good. Cookie dough? Good. I feel like if you mixed it all together you kind of get a flapjack anyway, and flapjacks are a thing. Also, ice cream is just like cold milk anyway right. So I’d basically just be adding more milk to my porridge. And that’s also a thing.

Dammit, I should have just done it.

The reason I thought about it was because I didn’t have any honey, and I was thinking of what sweetener I could put in the porridge. Also, I should mention that this was night time porridge and not breakfast porridge. I wouldn’t have ice cream for breakfast. I’m not a monster.

Until tomorrow, I am full of regret but not full of ice cream.


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