April 29th 2021

Today, does anyone wanna take the day off work to play golf with me tomorrow? It’s a bit of a dead week, it’s a bank holiday weekend, and I have 7 days of annual leave to use before the end of May. Go on. You know you want to.

Honestly, I had been planning on doing it, but I don’t know anyone round here who plays golf, and anyway I’ve definitely left it too late to book a round. Everyone and their dog is gonna be on the course over this weekend. And to that I’d say… get your dog off the course. This is a golf club not a… dog club? I don’t know where dogs go.

And so, because I’m probably not going to be taking time off to play golf, I’m going to take time off and do not much of anything really.

Until tomorrow, that seems a bit pointless.


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