May 31st 2021 Today I think I got sunburnt from being in the sun for like half an hour. My nose is red and sore. I think my skin must be so confused by the big warm shiny thing in the sky that it has forgotten how to absorb sunlight. And so now my nose is red and I have a white line across the top of it from where I was wearing my sunglasses. I’m glad it’s sunny again though. It looks like this week is going to be the start and finish of the British Summer so we’d … Continue reading Absorb


May 30th 2021 Today I’m glad I took my running kit to London with me. Somehow the only train home I could get was at 6pm, which meant not getting home until 8pm, and I really wouldn’t have wanted to run at that time. But because I had my kit I could run in London instead! And I found quite a nice route, and it was a lovely day for it, and I felt like absolute arse because I’d been out the night before. I managed to do a route which had me running along the Thames. It was pretty. … Continue reading Thames


May 29th 2021 Today I’m in London. Dirty dicks. Pergola. Sainsbury’s. Somehow I never eat actual food when I’m in London, so today I ate a Sainsbury’s meal deal. And that’s pretty standard to be fair. Imagine spending £60 on trains and then getting a ham and mustard sandwich for dinner. That’s the life when you’re in London with Duff. It’s 30 minutes from Paddington to Liverpool Street. And then it’s 30 minutes the other way. Pergola is a gaff. To begin with we had one of the beach huts, but that wasn’t the right vibe so we ended up … Continue reading Pergola


May 28th 2021 Today Lloyds didn’t believe that I could have spent as much money as I did. I spent £200 on decoration-type things three days after I spent £200 on furniture-type things, which meant that when I spent £110 on dinner, my card was declined. Awkward. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how recently you got paid (today! I swear), having your card declined will always be awkward. This is what it was declined for: And this is why it was declined: I bought new stuff! A rug and a lamp and a side table and … Continue reading Lloyds


May 27th 2021 Today I just have some bullet points really. I think I had a good day at work. I had a super intense afternoon and my head hurt. I hit my peak of coolness as this evening I watched a livestream of a chess tournament for like half an hour. It was Hikaru vs Magnus so that’s like a big deal okay. I need to stop sitting on my feet when I work at my desk because when I start running it feels like they’re just being woken up. I had a preliminary phone interview about a job … Continue reading Points


May 26th 2021 Today, Mexican! I’m enjoying cooking food that isn’t Asian food for once. Tacos is my new thing. Pulled pork tacos with jalapeños, salsa and cheese. And spicy wedges. it’s meaty, and tasty, and bloody messy. I don’t like getting food on my hands but it’s somewhat unavoidable with tacos. especially considering I am incapable of appropriately stuffing them, and end up putting too much filling in a small-sized wrap. Totally worth licking the sauce off your fingers though. Mexican is good. Tacos are food. That was supposed to say tacos are good but I’m going to leave … Continue reading Tacos


May 25th 2021 Today I spent £120 on trains. It’s been an expensive week. I’m going to Liverpool next month and so had to book my train ticket. £65 return. In doing so I realised that the ticket I booked to London this weekend was a single, so I’m going to have to buy a return ticket too. Train prices are a bit of a farce aren’t they. When I graduated University I bought an interrail pass which gave me unlimited train travel around Europe, and that was like £300 for a month. I’ve spent over a third of that … Continue reading Trains


May 24th 2021 Today I spent £250 on furniture. Which might not be a lot to you, but it’s a lot to me. For some people that’s like a quarter of a sofa, but for me it’s a bookcase, a rug, some curtains, three pieces of art, a coffee table, and a floor lamp. Writing out everything I get for that money has actually made me feel better about spending it. For a while I’ve been putting off buying things for the flat, because it’s not my place, and it seems pointless putting too much time effort or energy into … Continue reading Furniture


May 23rd 2021 Today I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I might want a baby one day. Do men get broody? Is that a thing? I spent today with my niece, Sophia, and she’s just a love. I don’t think I did an altogether terrible job of keeping her entertained, and she didn’t cry when I picked her up, so I’m counting that as a win. And so that made me think of what it would be like to have a family of my own. I think I was always either too cynical or too single to … Continue reading Broody