May 3rd 2021

Today I did something that I should do far more of: walked around some hills with my friends. I should have been doing it for a while, really.

Walking outside is one of the few things you can do with people that isn’t in some way prohibited, plus it’s enjoyable, so it seems daft that I’ve not done more of it.

I think mostly I can put that down to a case of the cba.

Today we walked around Leckhampton Hill, from the top of which you can see Cheltenham, and Gloucester, and the Malverns, and all sorts.

You can also see the Devil’s Chimney, though I have no idea what that means nor the significance of it.

It was a beautiful place to just sit and exist. From way up high, we could ignore the chaos of ground level. And we just sat, and talked, and lived, and pretended not to notice Zoe taking photos of us.

There’s a lot of beauty round here, and I feel like I don’t really appreciate it enough because I’ve not had to get on a plane to see it.

Until tomorrow, this beauty is only a walk away.


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